lundi 9 mars 2015

Seoul University

Don't know if I already said that but my work is at Seoul University station. Last week I tagged along a co-worker after our job to a gospel concert at the University. I took some pictures of the place. This University is just HUGE ! I saw before Ewha girl university and some other but this one  is like a city in a city. Come one, they have like bank and other stuff like that on the campus. For me that did my studies in a small private school with at maximum 900 students, this was pretty amazing and imposing. I wonder if I ever could have find my way and not get lost if I ever had attended this sort of school...

You see the building in the background ? That's still the university and it still not the end of the campus....

A small survey of the concert which was really impressive and cool. I wanted to do others video but my phone had no battery any more. That's too bad because the best part was after that. The students weren't only singing but they did a choregraphy and made us interact with them ! 

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