vendredi 20 février 2015

Miss Flower - Standing Egg

It has been quiet a time I didn't post any korean artist. So here I present you Standing egg, an indie band which style varies from jazz, to folk and ballads. The band is composed of three people, Clover is the singer and the guitarist (or sometime he is playing yukulele), Hana is playing Djembe and Han Kyul the contrebasse. They don't really have the classical instrument and that's why their music is so cool and refreshing to me. It always put me in a good mood. Standing egg music is the sort you listen when drinking a good limonade & taking a sunbath in a Hamac ^^ ! I recommend you to go visit their facebook page where as well they post nice and pretty pictures. What I like about this band is that they actually are creative all the way. They did their cute logo of Egg which is absolutely awesome, I love their name band, and their clip are always visually cute and good. For exemple in this one (if you skip the advertisement part and the simpleton part of the two lovers) all the images are beautiful, they did a bit of typography and it was extremely well done and you can discover as well the different beautiful places of Korea. 

Un peu de rafraîchissement pour ce weekend. Voici Standing Egg, un groupe Indie que j'affectionne particulièrement. Leurs musiques me mets toujours de bonne humeur ! J'aimes beaucoup ce clip aussi. Si vous mettez de cote le placement de produit et la partie un peu neuneu des amoureux, bien sur. J'adore ce clip deja pour les belles images de la Corée qu'il nous offre. On peut voir différents endroits qui sont tous plus beaux les uns que les autres. Ensuite ils ont utilises pour le clip de la typo, et pas de la typo toute bateau. Ils ont utilises des très belles police et ont fait d'excellentes compositions. Bref j'adore ce clip et ce groupe. Allez voir leur page Facebook si vous êtes intéressé !

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