mardi 20 janvier 2015

Evening dinner in Hongdae

 With a korean friend coming back from France, we had a nice meal !
Look at this way too much big plate of bibimpap, Yumy ! Along with japanese steak.
Avec un ami coréen de passage a Séoul, nous sommes allé mangé au quartier de Hongdae.
Regardez moi ce bol de Bibimpap de la mort qui tue ! Je lui ai fait sa fête en tout cas, héhé ... avec le steak a la japonaise comme accompagnement. C'était délicieux tout ca.

mardi 13 janvier 2015

Sunset in Seoul.

My new work near Seoul University finished, I usually take the subway. But when I'm in the mood for a walk, I go home by foot. Takes me a little hour but sometime worth the time, even if the area is not so pretty, the nature is always beautiful. 

The sky especially in winter is really clear and we can have such view!