mardi 30 décembre 2014

Hyehwa- dong Art Streets

Art street from Hyehwa area

Nice view from a cafe that served a delicious green tea Latte. It was so good I felt like drinking gold !

Some nice art street again !

Dragonflies !!!

A cute swing !

Hey, that's proof of the killing cold winter of Korea. This day was especially cold.

Gold fishs...

Panorama view

Wanna take a picture of me ? 
This is my face when I don't wanna....

Before enjoying the street art with my australian friend we went to the lock museum, which was despite its small size, really interesting to see.

 Cool coat man, nice idea !

Photos freak maniac, this is me !! Well as long as I'm not added into the picture....

My inspiration of the key lock man drawing I did o my Noenoah blog....

Keys, keys, keys everywhere !!!

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