mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Sinchon Cat-cafe Table A

As I was in need of cuddle I went with a friend to see kitty again ! Adrian was the one showing me this cat-coffe shop as he lives near by, and thanks to him I discovered this awesomely cute place filled with pur pur and little fuzzy balls of fur (TBB reference ^^). Compare to the other place I visited before in Hongdae this is smaller but that's why I actually prefered to the former place. It's really cozy and you can interact easier with the kitty as the place is small. The cats there were as well cuter but maybe it's because they were almost very young.

I loved the architecture of the cafe, It was a very good idea to do a mezanine. It gives a real home feeling, plus the cats wandering and playing around... If you want to chill and cool down after a long walk or a day of hard work and you love kitty, this is the place to go ! I guess this could be a good place for date as well, there were a lot couples in the coffee shop.

Hello you cutie !

We also had grumpy cat on our right side XD !

Yeah exactly... stay just like that....

Say hi to the smart phone camera ! Selfie time...

My new love ! This little cutie stayed mosty of the time on my stomach and warmed it. Thanks kitty:) !

Hello, this is me and I'm crazy !


Visit of the palace Changdeokgung with korean friends with whom I participate to a documentary about foreigners living in Korea...

Smile !!!

mardi 30 décembre 2014

Oh la belle faute de francais !!!

j'en vois tout les jours des trucs comme ça. Les coréens ont un faible pour le français et en mettent plein si ils peuvent... Le problème c'est que des fois je suis pas sure si ils savent ce qu'ils écrivent ou si du moins ils cherchent a savoir si il n'y a pas de fautes...

Hyehwa- dong Art Streets

Art street from Hyehwa area

Nice view from a cafe that served a delicious green tea Latte. It was so good I felt like drinking gold !

Some nice art street again !

Dragonflies !!!

A cute swing !

Hey, that's proof of the killing cold winter of Korea. This day was especially cold.

Gold fishs...

Panorama view

Wanna take a picture of me ? 
This is my face when I don't wanna....

Before enjoying the street art with my australian friend we went to the lock museum, which was despite its small size, really interesting to see.

 Cool coat man, nice idea !

Photos freak maniac, this is me !! Well as long as I'm not added into the picture....

My inspiration of the key lock man drawing I did o my Noenoah blog....

Keys, keys, keys everywhere !!!