dimanche 28 septembre 2014

Patbingsu & Smoothies at Jimjilbang

Just before Lois went back to France. We tried  the Jimjilbang, 찜질방 ! 방 / Bang in korean means a room. It's a sauna place ! And that was such an amazing experience ! First you have clean yourself in the showers and there every girl is naked ! From the kids to the Halmonis, the grandmas. No complex in there, and that's really cool. Then when you're finished, you change clothes (they give you an uniform, it's simple shirt, tee-shirt). And then you can do whatever you want in there. There are a lot of  different rooms with different temperature (from 60 to 5 degrees) and with different structure. One for exemple was full of sand, another one it was small rocks ! I really enjoy my time there. We actually slept in for the night, because yes you can sleep there. If you ever want to come to Korea but don't have anywere to sleep when you arrive, there is the possibility to sleep there !

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