mardi 9 septembre 2014


C'est l'été ! Et en Corée; il fait super chaud; quoi de mieux alors qu'une bonne glace ? La glace coréenne c'est la patbingsu; et s'accompagne habituellement de pate de haricot rouge mais aujourd' hui il y a des variantes telles que celles-ci !
 It's summer and summer is super hot in Korea, what could be better then to eat an ice cream ? This is Patbingsu, traditional korean ice cream that usually comes with red bean paste. But nowadays there are variations and you can have tropical patbingsu, strawberry, mango, apple ect....
For me even if all those flavor are really good, (and believe me I'm a big fruit eater) until now the best Patbingsu was the red bean paste one.
If you ever come to Korea and wanna try patbingsu I recommend you to go in Hongdae, you will be able to find good places over there, in cafe mostly you'll be able to eat it. But don't eat patbingsu in fastfood !

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