jeudi 12 juin 2014

let's resume...

Ok ! It's been a veeeery long time since the last time I uploades something on either one of my blog. Let's do a little check up on what I've been doing this past month. First I moved out from the Halmoni appartement. I've found a very nice place in the area of Guro. That's in the south west of Seoul. This area has a lot of cheap and good restaurants. Where else coul I move in ?  I'm sharing an appartement with 4 other people. 2 french  people, a guy and a girl and 2 korean, a guy, a girl both did studies in english countries. There is a really good atmosphere and we do a lot of chicken / beer party (as we have a restaurant of this just in front of the building x) ). To stay in the food area, I'm working as a waitress in an american bar/ restaurant but I do graphic eorks as well for them. Ordering and serving in english and korean has become my second job :) ! The restaurant, named Craftworks Taphouse, is near Jongno and so near my korean classes. I cross the little river and in 5 / 10 minute I'm at my lessons. Since two weeks as well I started french tutoring, and I have two students. Well I'm kind of busy and live really fast right now. Kind of like Seoul life style.

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