jeudi 26 juin 2014

Meal with teacher and other students !

This is at my first working place, I went to eat there with teh people from my hagwon. We are from many countries : France, Britain, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and of course our korean teacher :) !

Break time before Hagwon.

Après l'effort, le réconfort ^_^ !
After studying, a sweet thing is always welcome ! Doing homework before korean classes...

Unknown statue in Hapjeong !

Got lost in Hapjeong when I wanted to go to the Han river…
At least I saw something, even if I don't know who was it X) !

Drawing time !

mercredi 25 juin 2014

Sheep muffin and hot choco in the morning.

At my subway station there is this muffin store, that make super cute muffin. 
I couldn't resist….

A rainy day in Seoul.

And the heavy rainy days have started. I need an umbrella !

Badges in Korea.

Very happy to have found a place where I can keep on my badges mania !! Just bought a new one, cubic flowered one which is joining the others on my bag, ;) !

Subway Poster

A really nice poster, in the subway near Jongno, I think it's an exposition but I'm not sure. I have to translate it and maybe later I will go see this if I'm right.

Koyanggi Slippers

They do a lot of cute things in Korea, and of cat slippers are a must :) !

Craftwroks Unifroms

Muhii ! Craftworks Tee-shirts :D !

Bulgogi burger !

In Korea, they are proud of their country and don't like to have much foreigner marks. That's why they have Samsung instead of Apple, for example, or Lotteria instead of Mac Donalds ! They still have Mac Donalds, or apple store but they try to minimize the foreigner (and mostly american) mark. A bit ironic when you know they are very americanized. They want to do the same as America but it has not be visible…
Anyway, I was told by one of my roommates to try the bulgogi burger in  Lotteria. And I tried it, it's really good but just like any other fast food, it won't make you full.

Roomates Party Tiiime !

At the end of May, it was one of my roommate birthday, I had a bottle of wine from friend and she had a cake. What else could we do ??

In Craftwork

My first month in Craftworks, bit by bit, I learned how to serve and had to remember the whole menu. What was really interesting was about the beer, they are brewed here in Korea, and you can have them only in Craftworks because they are their "creation". The best korean beer, and I'm not kidding, those were my first good korean beer. The big mark of korean beer such as Cass, are just water but THIS is really good.

Mmmmh, a big bowl of french fries !!!

Baekdusan Beer

Bukhansan Beer.

The beer here all have a korean mountain name, and mountain in korean in "san" !

Passing in La Fête

Once, a week, I usually go to the restaurant La Fête, and will talk and study my korean with my friend over a smoothie, juice or lemonade :) !

Ice cream

!In the convenient store below our apartment, you can buy an ice cream for 1,000 won or less, so sometime, I have an ice cream time with my roommates.

La fête & Breakfast Coffee next door...

À la fête, the kind of food you can have, :P !

When I first moved in my new apartment, I discovered a breakfast Coffee next door, well, of course I had to try it ! 

Mmmmh; look at this, maim, maim :P !

 I ate there with my korean friend, Yujin. We both love to eat, so we couldn't resist.

We ate on the terasse which is really nice, by the way, and from there, you can see a bit, the building where I live.

Inside the Café, it's vintage decoration. I love those kind of old things, like mirror and stuff...

jeudi 12 juin 2014

let's resume...

Ok ! It's been a veeeery long time since the last time I uploades something on either one of my blog. Let's do a little check up on what I've been doing this past month. First I moved out from the Halmoni appartement. I've found a very nice place in the area of Guro. That's in the south west of Seoul. This area has a lot of cheap and good restaurants. Where else coul I move in ?  I'm sharing an appartement with 4 other people. 2 french  people, a guy and a girl and 2 korean, a guy, a girl both did studies in english countries. There is a really good atmosphere and we do a lot of chicken / beer party (as we have a restaurant of this just in front of the building x) ). To stay in the food area, I'm working as a waitress in an american bar/ restaurant but I do graphic eorks as well for them. Ordering and serving in english and korean has become my second job :) ! The restaurant, named Craftworks Taphouse, is near Jongno and so near my korean classes. I cross the little river and in 5 / 10 minute I'm at my lessons. Since two weeks as well I started french tutoring, and I have two students. Well I'm kind of busy and live really fast right now. Kind of like Seoul life style.