mardi 22 avril 2014

J+6 Weekend

And the weekend has come, Sunday I finally was able to put a foot outside. 할모니 was so worried she didn't want me to go outside alone, the reason was because I am foreigner woman and my korean is yet not that good. I tried many time explaining her that it was okay, I could handle myself and before I already went alone in a foreign country but she didn't change her mind. So I listened to her the whole Saturday. Halmoni is very talkative, so I had to concentrate a lot to understand what she said. And so on Sunday, freedom finally ^_^ ! I met with two people, Seunguy who help me to settle in Seoul and a friend of him : Yujin. I had a lot of fun this sunday afternoon and I really got along with Yujin unni (she likes to eat too ;) ). We ate Thai food together, look at this ! Yum, yum !!!

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