mercredi 30 avril 2014

Korean Keyboard

If I buy a computer here maybe I will have a keyboard like that… :) !

Second weekend in Korea.

This weekend was the search of apartment and jobs. I ran here and there but most of it was in Itaewon. The family of a friend invited me the evening to eat with them. IThey were all very nice to me. Actually since I've been in Korea, I've only met good people… And now look at this. Yumm yumm :P ! I tried Makolli as well, korean rice alcohol. It's really sweet and all but later my stomach wasn't on the same page and I had a bad night… Makolli first and last time...


This the workplace of Yujin a friend I met as I arrived in Seoul, the first week. We both like to eat so of course we immediately got along x) ! The workplace is so pretty, all the staff is really nice and the stuff there are really good. I love korean food but most of it are spicy and hot. So I was craving for fresh food and at Lafête they do these sort of food. I found my rest place ;) ! Like Sheldon I have my spot...

Going home at 8 o'clock, weird to see so few people in the subway. Usually it always so busy..

On last Friday, I met a friend, actually she was the mother of a american student we had home many years ago. She treated me to lunch and it was so good (yeah I know, I love to eat ) !!! I tasted for the first time, Cheon, 전. When I will have time I will try to cook this.


Another day, I went to apply for Korea classes (said Hagwon in korean), and so took the subway till Jongno. It's really near the traditional and cultural part of Seoul where all the palaces and most of Museums are. Anyway arrived at the YBM center took an interview to see what my level was and surprise !! I was level 2. I thought I would have the beginner level but apparently I under-estimated myself. I was so proud and happy !

Resident Card

As I stay in Korea, more than 3 months, I did my resident card, with some help as well. Alone I don't know if I would have been able to do it so quickly. It would have take a whole day maybe x) !

Anyway after doing this I went home and discover behind the apartment where Halmoni lives this cute place :

Int the area of the Appartement, they put a lot flower along the alleys. Very pretty :) !

Deliver Man n°1

Last week, a nice day in center of Seoul, walked along the street of Gangnam…
The weather was a bit hot but under the tree's shadows, it's really agreable.

lundi 28 avril 2014

Up date needed...

Okay ! As you surely noticed it's been a while I haven't posted anything on the blog. Actually last week I was really busy as I was (and I'm still) looking for a job, and a place to live, so I had no time to post what so ever and as well, couldn't transfer my pictures from my phone to my computer (no wifi and that the only way for me to transfert from the phone to PC). Today I'm gonna move to my new apartment and after I will may have more time for the blog. Sorry guys for the time being...

mardi 22 avril 2014

J+6 First day to work

 First day to work ! Halmoni woke me up and told me to quickly go so I didn't have that much time to eat and still was in neverland when I took the Jihacheol.

The day went quickly and I had to go home…
Man ! How the hell do they drive buses !?? Even being sited down, I thought I could be ejected any second time.

I have 5 minutes walk from the bus stop to home.

J+6 Weekend

And the weekend has come, Sunday I finally was able to put a foot outside. 할모니 was so worried she didn't want me to go outside alone, the reason was because I am foreigner woman and my korean is yet not that good. I tried many time explaining her that it was okay, I could handle myself and before I already went alone in a foreign country but she didn't change her mind. So I listened to her the whole Saturday. Halmoni is very talkative, so I had to concentrate a lot to understand what she said. And so on Sunday, freedom finally ^_^ ! I met with two people, Seunguy who help me to settle in Seoul and a friend of him : Yujin. I had a lot of fun this sunday afternoon and I really got along with Yujin unni (she likes to eat too ;) ). We ate Thai food together, look at this ! Yum, yum !!!

samedi 19 avril 2014

J+4 a quiet day...

Today with 할모니 (Halmoni) I ate a new hanguk (korean) dish ! I forgot the name of it, so I will have to look at the menu, we commanded it on the phone and it arrived very quickly. For me it was ajjuuu bachita, very tasty but Halmoni complained about the rice, and the dish. For her the rice was weird and  she said to me that she could make better home dish and it wouldn't be this expensive. Yet she still ate her part ^_^ !

Seoul by night from Halmoni apartment. The dark place is a park with a lot of trees, seem nice. I need to there sometime and take a picture of the place in daylight as well.

vendredi 18 avril 2014

J+3 자장면 Jajangmyeon

Today I finally ate Jajangmyeon. I wanted to eat it so badly since a long time, and now I've tasted it. Yattaaa ! I ate with the Halmonhi (Grand-mother) I live with. She's very nice. At first she seemed always upset and angry but then I discover it's just the korean way. It moved me how she worries about me, and want me to be careful outside in Seoul. Taddaaaa that's Jajangmyeon, 자장면 !


Second day in Korea, I went to Gangnam to open a bank account and buy transport card with the help of France Info employer. We went to a restaurant before. Omoh it was nice :) !

jeudi 17 avril 2014

D+1 Jihacheol

Leaving the airport of Seoul Incheon, I took the Jihacheol, that's the name for the metro there. Seoul Incheon is not in Seoul just like the airport in Paris. It's near the sea not the west side of Korea. We need an hour to get in the center of Seoul… In front of us, in the Jihacheol there were a group of young chinese girls. They were talking really loudly, even for the korean it was loud. So I guess they are not the loudest in Asia ^^ !

Going to Gangnam, center of Seoul, It was funny to see how everyone was on their phone. Except for this Halabojhi (that's what you say for old man in Korea ).

D+1 in the plane...

Okay !!! Now I'm settled in Seoul and my trip went well. Even if I couldn't sleep that much in the plane and had panda eyes at the arrival, it was nice. Beside me, there was a japanese old couple. We had a little conversation and they showed me pictures of places they visited in Europe. They were really nice people :) !
Leaving from Paris Charles de Gaulles.

Funny thing, I didn't have in other planes, but here they gave me were slippers. Look at this super combo : Toad socks + Slippers = Over sexiness, yeaaah XD !

And here is the end of the trip plane. Annyeong Korea ! I arrived at Seoul Incheon.

lundi 14 avril 2014

Last preparation J-1

Tomorrow is the big day ! I said bye to my best friend 20 time at the train station, cried a river and went home to finish packing up my suitcase and my bag for the journey, Trying not to forget something (that would be reaaaaally a hassle if I had to be send things from France to Korea… I don't even know if my suitcase will be under the 24 kg asked and if it is, yippie !!! If not :/ I will have to take out some things.